About us

Al Fares Foods is one of the companies of Al-Faris Group which was established in 1998 and is one of the leading companies in the field of producing and marketing juices, beverages and foodstuffs. All sizes of bottles of juices are based on ISO systems.

ISO22000 food

High quality rock processors worldwide

Oversees all stages of production to meet quality and quality

The History of Elfares

We have years of experience sourcing premium fruits and vegetables, and our uncompromising commitment to quality and freshness make the juice top better.
Since the beginning of production, the company has set its goal of offering new and distinguished products
These products have achieved great success in the markets of Egypt and neighboring countries
The company is currently producing juices, Nectar and beverages with names and trademarks: Ibal – Al – Eila – Tammam – Pepi
Although these products have gained popularity and good spread due to quality and price considerations, the company is seeking to expand by adding new production lines and offering other distinguished products to achieve more local and international spread.


To provide the highest quality products, support, health, production and distribution of high quality products by international standards and enhance the confidence of all parties including customers, employees and shareholders of the company


Al-Faris looks forward to becoming a leader in the food and juice industry. The vision of Al-Faris is to strive to provide high-quality products to enhance customer confidence.


To be the first choice for consumers by enhancing our customers with high nutritional value, competitive prices and meeting the needs of consumers locally and internationally