Welcome to the world of juices Al ELA spring colors life and flavors that we take pleasure travel and adventure and we are  not afraid to go from one country to another in search of the best fruit types for your most delicious juices Our mission to provide you a unique taste and refreshing taste of all tastes and fits all moments, whether you alone or with Friends and family members will accompany you to our famous Product wherever you go

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Elela Guava

Al ELA Guava: Nectar guava is one of the finest Egyptian guava varieties that taste sweet naturally. It is perfect for your feasts, Ramadan breakfasts and evening gathering with your friends and family.

Elela Peach

AL ELA Peach Nectar is one of the best peach from all over the world. We offer you the most refreshing peach juice! To give you the vitality and activity necessary for a life-filled breakthrough

Elela Mango

Mango Nectar from Al ELA: A classic flavored juice, a natural juice, characterized by a smooth taste that melts in the mouth to enrich this delicious juice prepared from the finest mangoes